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Specify your target audience by music taste, gender, age, location, and more!

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Receive great exposure and song plays along with real-time analytics.

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Let your music speak
for itself

The best way to promote a song is to play it to an audience that is more likely to enjoy it. Use your music as your best advertisement!


Premium Artist Spotlight

Showcase yourself through an artist spotlight as your music is played and interact with your growing fan base. Let fans learn more about you, interact with your online presence, and instantly share your song.

Track your performance

Track how your audience engages with your song in real time. Receive in depth analytics built specifically for music.

  • How many times was your song played?
  • How many people shared it with their friends?
  • Where in the song did listeners engage?
  • Where do your fans live?
  • And much more

Unlock your full potential

Native integration into our streaming partners lets listeners interact with your song just like any other track inside the streaming service. Get more favorites, shares, and spots on playlists to increase exposure and royalties from the streaming service.

Guarantee your music goes to the right ears

Only pay if your song is listened to for more than 30 seconds! is built for all artists to send the right music to the right audience. Set your own budget with no commitments. Good music will get free, organic plays and go viral!


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Based in NYC and Israel, is the only native song promotion platform, serving millions of unique visitors each month on web's and mobile’s most innovative music streaming services. was founded by two Israel Defense Force officers who served in an elite unit specializing in intelligence, tech, and security. All founders have strong backgrounds in product management, development, databases, and sophisticated data mining algorithms.


Our unique technology and innovative approach to song promotion opened the door to music streaming services. Both emerging and established artists are now able to instantly receive song plays on the most popular music services in a way that has never been done before.

Our passion for music and technology combined with years of expertise in data analytics makes the best song promotion platform, distributing artists' songs to the right listeners at the right time.


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