A true win-win-win for music services, their users and artists

Feature.fm has created a brand new way for artists and record companies to promote their music on streaming services. End users enjoy the discovery of new, high quality songs and an ad-free user experience. Music services can use feature.fm to sell out their ad inventory and get a brand new revenue stream with superior RPMs.


How Does it Work?

Simple Signup

Easily join the Feature.fm partner program and gain access our high-quality sponsored songs marketplace

Easy Integration

Copy the widget code or utilize Feature.fm's API. It takes less than a day to get started

Superior RPMs

Generate revenues 5 to 10 times higher than traditional audio or banner ads while keeping your service ad-free.

Make money by playing music!

Unlock a new revenue channel by using our high-quality sponsored songs marketplace. We work with the biggest record labels, artists and music streaming services to surface premium music to a highly targeted audience.


Super easy integration

Integrating Feature.fm requires minimal effort and can be done in less than a day. Whether your service is on web, mobile, or even Connected TV, we have a solution for you. We will provide you all of the necessary tools, knowledge, and advice to make our partnership successful.

Monitor earnings in real-time

Feature.fm provides you with a dashboard to monitor your revenue performance in real-time. Our advanced platform allows you to gain deep insight into play counts, revenue rates, and placement optimization.


Collect Earnings anytime and instantly!

Retrieving payments from your Feature.fm account is easy and instantaneous. Simply click the "Cash-Out" button and we will process your request immediately. Earnings are wired directly to your PayPal account.


it takes less than a minute!


Based in NYC and Israel, Feature.fm is the only native song promotion platform, serving millions of unique visitors each month on web's and mobile’s most innovative music streaming services.

Feature.fm was founded by two Israel Defense Force officers who served in an elite unit specializing in intelligence, tech, and security. All founders have strong backgrounds in product management, development, databases, and sophisticated data mining algorithms.


Our unique technology and innovative approach to song promotion opened the door to music streaming services. Both emerging and established artists are now able to instantly receive song plays on the most popular music services in a way that has never been done before.

Our passion for music and technology combined with years of expertise in data analytics makes Feature.fm the best song promotion platform, distributing artists' songs to the right listeners at the right time.


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